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Here you’ll find the latest events and happenings from contact centres in Wales, as well as food for thought from the people who know the industry best.

What is the Welsh Financial Services Graduate Programme?

Learn more about the Welsh Services Graduate Programme, a unique partnership between leading financial services employers, academia and the Welsh Contact Centre Forum.


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Managed by the Welsh Financial Services Forum and industry partners, the programme exists to ensure that Wales retains its high-calibre graduates to support the Welsh financial services sector, creating an elite talent pool that it is hoped will support the growth of indigenous companies and attract further businesses to establish a presence in Wales.

Since first launching in 2013, the programme has recruited and developed over 70 graduates, 95% of which have secured permanent roles with participating companies or within the financial services sector. The first version launched in 2013 as a Welsh Government backed pilot programme, with part-funding now received from the European Social Fund.

Over the programme’s two-year period, each graduate will have the opportunity to develop a unique level of industry insight as they rotate through a series of structured work placements and additional academic training. Each can expect to gain experience in the key areas employers in the sector are calling for including: risk, compliance, innovation, leadership and management and finance, and a customised MSc in Financial Services Management delivered by University of South Wales on graduation.

Participating companies include some of Wales’ largest financial organisations and a growing number of ambitious home-grown firms including: Admiral, Atradius, Vauxhall Finance UK plc, DS Smith, Hodge Bank, Lexis Nexis, V12 Retail Finance, Composite Legal Expenses, Development Bank of Wales, Optimum Credit, Principality Building Society,  Legal & General, Motonovo & the Monmouthshire Building Society.