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Here you’ll find the latest events and happenings from contact centres in Wales, as well as food for thought from the people who know the industry best.

Welsh Financial Services Graduate Programme Case Study: Caroline Whittle

What’s she doing now? Global Marketing Assistant – Atradius

Caroline Whittle

“When people ask me what degree I have they are totally bemused by how and why I am now a global marketing assistant… and this is the beauty of the graduate scheme!

“I studied Law and French at Swansea University but alongside my degree I worked for my events team and Student Union. With this experience I was thankfully able to venture into the marketing world by securing a place on the Graduate Programme within the Global team at Atradius. This unique scheme allows people with a variety of degrees to have the opportunity to go into different fields within financial services, in my case, credit insurance.

"I am over the moon with my role! There are new projects every day which means I can learn a vast amount of skills in such short space of time."


Being in the Global team means that I liaise with international colleagues every day. After only one month of working on the scheme I was sent to our HQ in Amsterdam to get trained. This was one of the biggest highlights and there are many more to come! The Atradius team are so friendly and welcoming that you soon feel like one of the family.

“So far I have had my own projects that I have taken care of, helping to organise the Welsh Finance Conference and have been taught how to use various sites. The scheme gears you up to develop all of the essential skills that employers are looking for, plus Sales, Marketing, Finance etc.

“I am also studying for a Masters in Financial Services Management and have chosen to study the business modules which will open so many doors for the start of my career.

“Trust me, you do not want to miss out on this fabulous opportunity!”

Apply for the Welsh Financial Services Graduate Programme HERE