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Job Title: Senior Analyst: Client acceptance

Salary: Competitive

Employer: Deloitte

Location: Cardiff

Job Category: Analyst

Contract Type: Full-time/Part-time

Job Description

The Senior Analyst in this role will work within Quality & Risk Operations in Cardiff. This centre of excellence is a division of the firm’s Quality & Risk management function responsible for a variety of quality, risk, regulatory and compliance support activities.

We encourage consideration of flexible ways of working, both formal and informal arrangements that allow for the best outcomes for our people and our clients. If this opportunity is of interest to you with some flexibility, please do discuss with us.

Your role

The role involves working in a variety of Client and Engagement acceptance processes, primarily focussed on assisting on a global Client Acceptance project.

This will involve working with partners across the global Deloitte network in reviewing and making recommendations on the acceptability of global audit engagements.

Tasks may include:

– Receiving and co-ordinating requests from member firms for consideration;

– Reviewing requests, carrying out further research as required and making initial recommendations around acceptance as an audit client;

– Production of reports for Global Partner consideration, ensuring that reports needed are prepared in accordance with required quality standards and deadlines;

– Maintaining and managing the systems which the team uses to facilitate the consultations;

– Working with senior team members in the development of the program;

– Dealing with queries from practitioners within the global network of firms and managing an Outlook mailbox;

– Working with other parts of Quality & Risk Operations on related projects where team experience can add value;

– Providing ad-hoc support to the wider Risk Management organisation when required.

The role is expected to grow and evolve rapidly both as the Quality & Risk Operations department expands, and as the project moves through planned phases over the next 12 months.

Additionally, individuals who demonstrate sufficient capacity and commitment in their primary roles might be given the opportunity to contribute to other projects, thus aiding their personal development.

Your work, your choice

At Deloitte we believe the best impact is the value we add, not the hours we sit at our desk. We carefully consider agile ways of working, both formal and informal, that allow for the best impact for our people and our clients. Please speak to your recruiter about the working pattern that works best for you.

Work pattern:

– This is a permanent contract opportunity.
– The role can be worked on a full-time basis.
– Our team members work a variety of agile working patterns. Tell us what arrangement works for you and we’ll try to accommodate.

Your professional experience

A successful applicant will be an experienced senior analyst with experience in working in a service delivery model and a good level of IT user competence. Ideally they will have experience in a supporting role in a professional organisation or be able to demonstrate the mix of skills and
attributes that would enable them to make a real contribution to a busy team operating as a Centre of Excellence for our firm. They will be required to react to a variety of issues as they arise in order to be a successful part of this unique team.

To qualify for the role you must have:

– Excellent research and report writing skills.

– Attention to detail and focus on quality.

– Team working skills and ability to deal with people at all levels.

– Effective judgement and decision making, particularly in client acceptance/risk considerations.

– The ability to work with initiative, managing workload effectively, meeting deadlines.

– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to work within our team and across our business.
Ability to manage and adapt to regular changes.

– A high level of IT user ability, experience and skills.

– Language skills (any) and audit experience would be beneficial but is not essential.

Your service line: Quality, Risk and Security

The Quality, Risk and Security (QRS) community is an overarching identity for all of the professionals who manage quality and risk for Deloitte. It comprises: Deloitte Business Security (DBS), National Quality and Risk Management (NQRM), Quality & Risk Operations (QR Ops), and Service Line Quality and Risk Management teams (including Switzerland), and is led by a dedicated partner who sits on the firm’s Executive.

Within QRS, we use our skills and experience across a variety of disciplines to support a risk intelligent culture at Deloitte; enabling our partners and practitioners to deliver high quality services to their clients, minimising the administrative burden on our people, and acting as custodians of firm risk, security, ethics and reputation.


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