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Job Title: Associate, Business Intelligence Services (Hindi speaker)

Salary: Competitive

Employer: Deloitte

Location: Cardiff

Job Category: Business Support

Contract Type: Full-Time

Job Description

Deloitte’s Business Intelligence Services (BIS) team is a unique global practice and a centre of excellence with over 250 employees throughout the world. The team specialises in gathering information from public record and other sources to assist clients in making informed business decisions.

The projects performed by BIS include high volume Integrity Due Diligence work, conducted on behalf of clients (frequently for the purpose of their compliance with legislation such as the UK Bribery Act) on their existing and proposed third party relationships, and ‘know your supplier’ background checks. Through projects such as these, BIS assists clients by conducting public record research on large volumes of third parties (either companies or individuals) on a global basis in English and the language of the jurisdiction in which the third party is located, to identify information on a variety of business related integrity and corruption issues.

Your role

The focus of our work will vary according to the specific issues with which the client is particularly concerned. Typically, however, high volume Integrity Due Diligence would focus on – amongst other issues – confirming that a subject exists and searching for reports (for example, in media articles or internet publications) of the subject’s involvement in ‘red flag’ issues, including the use of illegal methods to achieve business goals, using political links to gain a commercial advantage and (where relevant) involvement with organised crime groups.

We are currently seeking to fill a number of vacant Cardiff-based Researcher positions within the UK BIS team to conduct high volume searches. Good written English and grammatical skills are vital and – in addition to speaking and writing English to native standard – candidates should ideally be fluent in two or more other languages.


– The Associate role will have responsibility for:

– Undertaking online research in English and/or the relevant language/s

– Gathering information on large numbers of both companies and individuals through online public record sources relating to a wide range of territories

– Compiling detailed and accurate written reports of research findings

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