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Job Interviews

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Job Interviews


Never be late for an interview, allow extra time to arrive at your interview early, always aim to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.


Do your research not only on the role you are going for but also the company you are looking to join. The more you know about the company and what it believes in, the better the chance you have of having a successful interview.


Always ‘dress to impress’, wear smart business attire to any interview you are attending, make your appearance as ‘sharp’ as possible and dress not only to impress but to also give you confidence.


Come prepared; bring copies of your resume, references, research as well as pen and paper.


Show an interest not only in the interview but also the job role, make eye contact, speak with confidence and always shake hands with the interviewer.


Make sure you not only listen, but read between the lines, if something is not covered then make a point of asking the question to find out further information.

Answer The Question Asked

Make sure you understand the question being asked, seek clarification if unsure then answer the question efficiently and effectively.

Give Examples

Give specific examples of your experience, prepare stories before the interview that show a time of your success in the past, and make sure they relate to the role you are being interviewed for.

Ask Questions

Ask questions to do with the role, the company and anything the interviewer may have failed to cover that you want to know. Asking questions is a good trait and shows your interest in the position you are going for.

Follow Up

It could be done via email, regular mail or telephone, contact the interviewer/company and follow up, it just gives you the opportunity to remind the interviewer of yourself and market yourself one more time.

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