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News & Blog

Here you’ll find the latest events and happenings from contact centres in Wales, as well as food for thought from the people who know the industry best.

Don’t forget your CV! Exciting new opportunities with V12 Retail Finance

V12 Retail Finance will be out and about during March to meet new talent and spread the word about exciting opportunities at their Cardiff-based head office.

Members of the V12 team will be at Cardiff Jobs Fair at City Hall on Wednesday 7th March and the Careers Wales Live vacancy event at the Sue Noake Leisure Centre in Ystrad Mynach on Thursday 8th March to give prospective candidates a chance to find out about live vacancies currently available at V12 and general information about the range of roles and career paths available in this fast-growing organisation.

V12 provides point of sale retail finance to household names such as, Halfords and Sofology and employs over 200 people in a wide variety of teams that offer far more than just finance-based roles.

Teams within the Cardiff head office include:

– Customer Service
– Underwriting
– Marketing and Communications
– Sales and Sales Support
– Information Technology
– Financial Management
– Change Management
– Financial Crime Prevention
– Complaints Management
– Collections
– Quality Assurance
– Human Resources and Learning & Development.

The team are looking forward to meeting future colleagues and chatting about the benefits of working at V12. Here are some top tips to get the most out of your meeting:

–  Have a copy of your CV to hand.
–  Visit beforehand to find out more about the company.
–  Chat to the V12 colleagues who will be at the events to learn about the types of opportunities available and what it’s like to work for V12.